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  • Do you have Credit Problems?
  • Have you been turned down for financing elsewhere?
  • Are you lacking a down payment?
  • Have you filed bankruptcy?
  • Are you self employed?

See if we can save you $$ over a traditional purchase.

Millions of honest, hard working Americans lack the near perfect credit that banks and mortgage companies require to buy a home. Late payments, repossessions, divorce, medical bills, unstable work history, lack of a huge cash down payment, too much debt, judgments and bankruptcy can all spell rejection when you try to buy or rent a home.

Our primary aim is to make the process of owning a home SIMPLE. By eliminating the need for banks and lending institutions, we have made it possible for ANYONE to fulfill their dream of becoming a homeowner. We can help find you a home with Owner Financing and we work with specialized Lenders to make your dream a reality.

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